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2019 Ministry of Ushers and Health Professionals


April 4-6, 2019

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148th GMBC
Annual Session

NOV 12—15, 2018


Disaster Relief

Watch Disaster Relief Video Below

Click Here To Help in Houston, TX

August 29, 2017

Memo To: GMBC Officers, District Presidents & Convention Churches
Subject: Disaster Relief – Houston Texas

I have received many calls about people wanting to assist the victims in Houston and surrounding areas. At this moment there is a need for funds for medication for the elderly, children and for shelter. We cannot make the trip until the water recedes and the road are drivable. As we know Harvey has reversed back in the Gulf and returned inland
dropping about 24 to 36 inches of rain by Thursday.

After speaking with official there and here, we have agreed to allow FEMA, TEMA the ARC to do an assessment of the damages after the water recedes before we go in to assist with clothing, nonperishable items, water, cleaning supplies etc. 

Once I return from Cincinnati on Thursday the 7th I will be traveling there to deliver items, but also minister to the people in the shelters who are focusing on what they have lost and not what they have left. There is a need for tangible items, monetary donations but most important is spiritual need; until we meet the spirit need, the material needs will just be a temporary fix.

Please we are asking all pastors to ask for a special offering this Sunday to go toward the victims in Houston, Texas donations can be sent to Baptist Headquarters; checks/money orders made payable to GMBC and the convention will process a check with the combined donations, sending to the area(s) identified in Houston, Texas.

There is a dire need for those who have expertise in counseling (certified), who would like to travel there, let me know as soon as possible who they are.

It is being asked If you could send an email or make calls to everyone to solicit help, I would be most appreciative.

I can be reached at (478) 746-3469 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Baptist Headquarters (404) 688-4212.

Gods Blessings,
Together We Can……
Pastor Timothy French

Click Here To Help in South Georgia

HELP IS NEEDED - There is a dire need for water and non-perishable foods in South Georgia, especially in Sumpter County.

Rev. French and his team has been in Sumpter County this week and all day today, feeding approximately 250 - 300 people who are without electricity
and some without housing.

(New) under-clothes are needed for Adults, Youth and Children

Please relay this information to all of the Pastors/Churches within GMBC to help, again there is a dire need.

Also, there is a need for monetary donations to help families that are without, please send checks to Baptist Headquarters earmarked "Disaster Relief".

Water and non-perishable foods can be sent labeled "Disaster Relief" to:

Beulah Baptist Church
1539 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Macon, GA 30201

(478) 746-3469

Awareness: We are still working on helping those in Texas however, our immediate focus is "Georgia".


Rev. Timothy French
Disaster Relief Coordinator

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