president-kennethbmartin.jpgBiographical Sketch
of the
Reverend Anthony Q. Corbett, Sr.

Pastor Anthony Q. Corbett, Sr. was born and raised in Dublin, Georgia. He attended Laurens County Public Schools and graduated from West Laurens High School. He studied at the Andersonville Baptist Seminary in Camilla, Georgia and received his Bachelors of Biblical Studies and Master’s Degree of Theology from the Emmanuel Bible College.

Pastor Corbett was installed as the Senior Pastor of Lundy Chapel on May 31, 1998. He also served 2 terms as the Moderator for the Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Association and State Coordinator for Moderators and Ministers Division of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. He was elected as the President of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc., which is comprised of over 600 churches throughout the state of Georgia with over 500,000 members in November of 2020 with an overwhelming 2,120 votes out of 2, 727 eligible votes.

During Pastor Corbett’s tenure, Lundy Chapel has experienced rapid growth in both membership and facility space. In 2001, Lundy Chapel celebrated the dedication of their new sanctuary with a seating capacity of 750. The Lundy Chapel sanctuary embodies a warm environment, while operating with state of the art equipment. In March 2013, the Lord blessed Lundy Chapel to celebrate the second phase of expansion with the completion of their Education/Administrative building, and the completion of the Lundy Chapel gymnasium.

Under the vision of Pastor Corbett, the Education/Administrative building is equipped with up-to-date state of the art technology. This building serves as a multi-faceted space that can handle a plethora of events, ranging from receptions to private meeting space to youth church. The Lundy Chapel gymnasium is a multi-purposed building that serves as an open space for many events held by the Lundy Chapel family, and surrounding communities. Collectively, under the leadership of Pastor Corbett, the Lundy Chapel campus covers over 37,000 square feet.

Pastor Corbett has led the charge in making sure Lundy Chapel is on the cutting edge of doing ministry through technology. In September of 2016, under his leadership, the church did a major overhaul on its website, developed the Lundy Chapel Mobile App, and began streaming its services live through its website, Mobile App, Facebook and Roku. Now, Lundy Chapel is accessible to anyone, anywhere around the world.

In November of 2017, Pastor Corbett revealed another part of "The Vision" God had given him - to renovate the current sanctuary to become a Worship Center that aesthetically matched the style of Worship Lundy Chapel had shifted to. This was completed in May 2019. It features an updated and more spacious staging area, stage and broadcast lighting, LED Wall, improved audio and video systems, atrium, café and lofting area conducive for meetings.

March 2005 was the establishment of Lundy Higher Heights Community Enrichment Corporation. This organization provides special needs programs that are positive and geared towards providing the youth with a sense of direction, a system of motivation and a source of inspiration. It provides information and resources that can be used to help other community organizations and community organizers to develop community service programs. Also, it provides scholarships and other aid to young adults that are pursuing a college education. In addition, Lundy Chapel serves as a Station of Hope for the Middle Georgia Area as well.

Pastor Corbett has also expressed his excitement about what God has already birthed in his spirit to expand the campus even more. That expansion is already in position to occur through the purchasing of 14 acres. God has also blessed the Lundy Chapel family during Pastor Corbett’s time as the Senior Pastor to grow from less than 100 members to having over 1,150 members. Lundy Chapel has become known throughout the country as a place where you will experience a move of God like never before. Pastor Corbett’s ability to share God’s word in a way that is life-changing, and applicable to the listener, has positioned him to be acknowledged as one of the country’s most anointed men of God.

Being happily married for over 30 years, Pastor Corbett and his lovely wife Juanita are the proud parents of five children and numerous grandchildren. Pastor Corbett says, “I love doing ministry, preaching the Word, and being around the people of God. Lundy is the place where we consistently focus on Reaching the Lost, Teaching the found, and Making Disciples for Heaven’s Ground.”