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THEME: “Firmly Committed to God’s Promises for My Life in All things”

Jeremiah 29:11 and 1 Corinthians 15:58


This program is designed to offer a series of five (5) Leadership level courses in distinct areas of ministry for Ministry Leaders. At the completion of the tract, Leaders will be awarded a GMBC of Georgia Congress Leadership Certificate. please note: Students enrolled in a Leadership Track course must attend and take three of the five (3 of 5) courses at the Congress in order to receive the Leadership Certificate. 

Delegates seeking the Leadership Track Certificate should complete the Leadership Tract Application.


Students completing a tract while attending the GMBC Annual Congress will be recognized during the Christian Education recognition period of the session.


1004–Effective Bible Reading General Studies Track/COPP Phase 1

This course focuses on identifying methods and approaches to Bible study that can lead to spiritual growth and Christian maturity. Areas that will be covered include the structure of the Bible and resources for personal study.  Employ resources and tools of hermeneutics. 

*PRIMARY TEXTBOOK: Scruggs, Julius, How to Study and Teach the Bible, SSPB

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Wilhoit, James, Effective Bible Teaching, Amazon

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Cedrita Reid Enrollment Capacity: 25


2018–The Educational Task of the Church Christian Education Director Track 

This course will concentrate on the various educational ministries of the local church and focus on the unique role each ministry plays in the attainment of the total educational goals of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on the responsibility of each Christian to participate in the Christian education activities of the church.

>TEXTBOOK: Bower, William C. Moral and Spiritual Values in Education (A Challenge to Every American). Alibris or Amazon.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Joice Rainge                             Enrollment Capacity: 25


2067–Transformational Teaching II       Seminar/Instructor/Teachers Track 

This is the second teaching course in this Track. This course continues to explore with students various methods and materials for an effective adult education program. Students will be acquainted with the needs of adults and the methods of instruction that are appropriate for adult Christian education programs.

Target Group: Advanced level teachers with over five years of teaching Sunday School and Bible Study.

>TEXTBOOK: Simon, Bradley W. Teaching to Transform Not Inform. Alibris, Amazon and Christianbook.

INSTRUCTOR: Sis. Cynthia Hillery-Jackson Enrollment Capacity: Hybrid (Zoom) 20, In-Person 20


4012–The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Youth Leaders Track/COPP Phase 2

This course is a study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It offers a thorough look at the corresponding doctrines that influence our understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit. Students will be able to identify this doctrine of the church with a holistic understanding of salvation, with special emphasis on justification, redemption and sanctification.

*TEXTBOOK: Ryrie, Charles. The Holy Spirit (Revised and Expanded). Alibris, Amazon and Christianbook.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Lee Hoey                  Enrollment Capacity: 25


5018- Strategic Planning                                            Church Administration 

This course is designed to teach students how to apply principles of strategic planning and assessment in organizational structure.  Students will learn principles of case studies to assess needs, design objectives, and develop a plan of action.

Target Group: Pastors, Associate Ministers and Ministry Leaders with strategic planning responsibility at their local church

>TEXTBOOK: Malphurs, Aubrey, Advanced Strategic Planning, Third Edition. Christian Book Store

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Malphurs, Aubrey, The Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting: A Guide for Starting Any Kind of Church, Christianbook

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. David Stallion                                  Enrollment Capacity: 25


5020–Conflict Resolution    Ministers Track 

This course is designed to have ministers examine basic biblical principles that they may apply to successfully maneuver through various conflicts that frequently arise in the church. Ministers will examine a model that can be utilized in conflict resolution.

*Target Group: Pastors and Associate Ministers with counseling responsibility at their local church

TEXTBOOK: Avruch, Kevin. Culture & Conflict Resolution. Alibris and Amazon.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Johnny M. Perkins Enrollment Capacity: 25


6005–Financing & Budgeting the Work of the Church Church Administration

This course provides information critical to the development and operation of a total church budget that integrates the mission, money, and message of the church.  Emphasize tithing, corporate management responsibility, planning strategies, and a strong emphasis on immediate needs and long-range goals.

>Target Group: Pastors and Associate Ministers with administrative responsibility at their local church

TEXTBOOK: Massey, Floyd & McKinney, Samuel B. Church Administration in the Black Perspective. Alibris and Amazon.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Calvin Thomas                        Enrollment Capacity: 25


6013–Organizing the Church for Christian Education COPP Phase 4

This course will focus on the various administrative and organizational skills needed to organize the Christian education department. Emphasis is placed on structure, leadership and staffing needs.

Target Group: Christian Education Directors, Sunday School Superintendents, VBS Directors and key Christian Education leaders within the local church

>TEXTBOOK: Bailey, Merrill-Jean. How to Organize the Church for Christian Education. SSPB.

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Clark, Robert E., Johnson, Lin & Sloat, Allyn. Christian Education Foundations for the Future. Amazon and Alibris

INSTRUCTOR: Sis. Mary Holmes       Enrollment Capacity: 25


7005–Christian Evangelism                                               Christian Evangelism
This course will focus on helping the students to develop a program of evangelism. Discover the appropriate Scriptures to use, and the methods, techniques, and media best suited for witnessing nonbelievers.

*TEXTBOOK: Thomas, EL. Evangelism Ministry: A Guide to Effective Witness. SSPB

ALTERNATE BOOK: Beougher, Timothy K. Invitation to Evangelism: Sharing the Gospel with Compassion and Conviction. Christianbook

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Rosa Thomas                     Enrollment Capacity: 25


7010–Introduction to Discipleship COPP Phase 3

This course will introduce the believer to the biblical principles of discipleship, the character traits of believers, while looking at the overall examples of Jesus, the discipleship methods of Jesus and the difference between discipleship and membership.

*TEXTBOOK: Shank, Nathaniel. Discipleship: An Introduction to Christianity.

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Sanders, Oswald. Spiritual Discipleship Principles of Following Christ for Every Believer. Amazon and Christianbook (paperback or ebook).

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Mark Lawrence   Enrollment Capacity: Hybrid (Zoom) 20, In-Person 20


7024–Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Youth Leaders Track/COPP Phase 2

This course is designed to help students understand who God has uniquely made them to be. Students will work through a spiritual gift assessment that will aid them in discovering their spiritual gift(s). Their discovering their spiritual gift(s) will prepare them to move into a meaningful area of service where they best fit into the body of Christ.

*TEXTBOOK: Bugbee Bruce. What Do You Do Best in the Body of Christ. Alibris, Amazon and Christianbook

INSTRUCTOR: Sis. Helen Thompson                             Enrollment Capacity: 25

8035–The African American Church and Social Justice  COPP Phase 4

This course will investigate and students will discuss the lives, theology and methods of the great servants of God who dedicated their lives in the struggle for liberation of people, as well as the role of the African American Church during the struggle.

*TEXTBOOK: Ayers, Danielle L. & Williams, Reginald W. To Serve This Present Age: Social Justice Ministries in the Black Church. Amazon and Christianbook.

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOKS: Muholland Jr., M. Robert. Invitation to a Journey: a Road Map for Spiritual Formation. Amazon and Christianbook. Loritts, Bryan. Letters to a Birmingham Jail: A Response to the Words and Dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Amazon and Christianbook.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Edward Chisolm  Enrollment Capacity: 25


SS9 8055/9915–Equipping the Church for the 21st Century with Technology  

This two-part seminar is designed to help students recognize 21st Century challenges facing the church and then train and acquaint them to tools necessary, including the newest technological advancements, software and methodologies to support Christian education and advance ministry work.

Prerequisite: This course is for intermediate to advanced students in the area of technology and will fit delegates who serve in their church’s technology ministry. Delegates need to bring a laptop and/or a smart device (smartphone or tablet).

>TEXTBOOK: Vassallo, Wanda. Church Communications Handbook: A Complete Guide to Developing A Strategy, Using Technology, Writing Effectively and Reaching the Unchurched. Alibris and Amazon.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Keith McIntosh                          Enrollment Capacity: 25


9008–Public Speaking (*Instructor Certification Required)  Instructors /Teachers Track 

This course is designed to assist students identify the process and principles for writing speeches and delivering them in public.  Relay basic verbal and nonverbal communications skills that will enable the student to effectively communicate with audiences of all sizes. This class is also a required class for teacher certification.

Target Group: Individuals who teach Sunday school, Bible study and are called on to give public speeches.

>TEXTBOOK: Bewes, Richard. Speaking in Public Effectively: How to prepare, How to present, How to progress. Christianbook.

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Schultze, Quentin J. An Essential Guide to Public Speaking: Serving Your Audience with Faith, Skill and Virtue. Thrift Books.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Millicent West            Enrollment Capacity: 25


9906–Baptist Beliefs and Practices                                                Ministers Track

This course is designed to review Baptist beliefs and practices that distinguish Baptists from other denominations. Students will discuss what makes Baptists distinctive and will research the characteristics of other denominational groups to include Pentecostal and more formal liturgical groups in order to understand what makes Baptists different from these denominational groups. Students will learn how to support their beliefs with Scripture and historical practices.

Target Group: Pastors and Associate Ministers

*TEXTBOOK: Torbet, Robert G. A History of the Baptists. Alibris.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. James Jackson                Enrollment Capacity: Hybrid (Zoom) 20, In-Person 20



This course area is in support of delegates enrolled in the Sunday School Publishing Board Certificate of Progress Program (COPP). Delegates seeking to complete any of the four phases should enroll and take one of the classes listed below. A delegate that plans to complete a phase after taking a course will need to make sure the GMBC of Georgia Dean’s office is made aware. Students completing a phase while attending the GMBC Annual Congress will be recognized during the Annual Congress session.

1072–Survey of the New Testament       COPP Phase 1 

This course will engage students in a general overview of the divisions, time periods, places, events, people and archaeology of the New Testament.

>TEXTBOOK: Benware, Paul V. Survey of the New Testament. Amazon and Christianbook.

INSTRUCTOR: Deacon Horace Taylor Enrollment Capacity: 25


1075–Synoptic Gospels General Studies Track/COPP Phase 2

This course focuses on the synoptic gospels—Matthew, Mark and Luke. Students will study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as portrayed by these three writers. Through this comparative study, students will gain a more comprehensive understanding of Jesus’ ministry. 

>TEXTBOOK: Nickle, Keith F. The Synoptic Gospels, Revised and Expanded: An Introduction. Alibris, Amazon and Christianbook (paperback or ebook).

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Jason Haynes Enrollment Capacity: 25


1079–Survey of John                                    COPP Phase 3

This course focuses on the fourth gospel and its uniqueness. Students will be able to identify the specific features that characterize John’s writings and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

*TEXTBOOK: Barclay, William. The Gospel of John, Christianbook.com

ALTERNATIVE TEXTBOOK: Pate, Marvin. The Writings of John: A Survey of the Gospel, Epistle and Apocalypse. Christianbook, eBay and Alibris.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Roderick Baptiste                  Enrollment Capacity: 25      


2015–Foundation of Christian Ethics       COPP Phase 4 

This course will focus on understanding the philosophical and Christological approaches to Christian ethics. Students will also engage in discussing biblical principles for decision making and conduct for living.

>TEXTBOOK: Geisler, Norman L. Christian Ethics-Contemporary Issues and Options. Amazon (paperback or Kindle) and Christianbook. 

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Edith W. Anderson                      Enrollment Capacity: 25


3008–Theology and History of Christianity  Missionary Track/COPP Phase 2

This course will outline the development of the Christian movement from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry on earth to present times. It will focus on the history, theology, culture and times that enable Christianity to develop and grow. Prominent persons who influence the Christian movement will be identified.  

*TEXTBOOK: Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman. The Story of the Christian Church. Alibris, Amazon and Christianbook

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Kelly, Matthew. The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity: How the Modern Culture Is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness. Alibris, Amazon and Christianbook.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Roderick Green Enrollment Capacity: Hybrid (Zoom) 20, In-Person 20


6021- Spiritual Formation                                               COPP Phase 1

This course is designed to enable students to recognize what is required to mature in their Christian walk. Focus is on a creative and dynamic approach to nurturing people from children to mature adults and to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Deliberate on what it means to be Christians.

>TEXTBOOK: Mulholland, Robert M. Invitation to a Journey: Road Map for Spiritual Formation. Amazon, ThriftBooks, Alibris and Christianbook

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Bruce, Dr. Sam. Forming Your Relationship with God... Transforming Your Relationship with People. Amazon, Alibris and Barnes and Nobles.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Brenda Allen Enrollment Capacity: 25


This educational program is designed to introduce opportunities for leaders to discuss some of the key Christian Education issues and challenges facing our denomination in the areas of Christian Education growth. These seminar courses are designed to provide leaders with key tools to take back to their local churches to support program implementation or enhancement. Ministry Leaders who oversee and lead ministries will find value in taking any seminar.

SS1 2071/2072 Christian Character and How It Develops and Understanding the Impact of Our Culture

This course concentrate on the components of Christian character. Identify methods for the growth of Christian character. Present a synopsis of ways culture influences the church. Become aware of the various aspects of the culture that are infiltrating the church and will devise strategies to combat the influence. Identify ways to inspire Christians to transform the culture, rather than to conform to the culture.

Target Group: Ministers and Ministry Leaders

TEXTBOOK: Carafano, Vinnie. Intensive Discipleship Course: Developing Godly Character. Alibris, Amazon, Christianbook and ThriftBook.

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Cruse, Jonathan Landry. The Character of Christ: The Fruit of the Spirit in the Life of Our Saviour. Alibris, Amazon and Christianbook.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. James C. Walker  Enrollment Capacity: 25


SS2 5008/5009 Organizational Skills and Group Leadership

This seminar is a two-part teaching that focuses on teaching students how to effectively organize church members for ministry. Emphasis will be placed on recruiting, assignments, delegation, documentation, evaluation and follow-up. Students will also be able to recognize group dynamics, nd them to employ appropriate leadership skills for the best possible results.

Target Group: Ministry Presidents and other key ministry leaders, 

TEXTBOOKS: Ken Blanchard & Randy Conley, Simple Truths of Leadership: 52 Ways to Be a Servant Leader and Build Trust, Amazon

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Blanchard, Ken. The Servant Leader. Alibris, Amazon, ThriftBooks and Christianbook

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Dr. Brandon Isome Enrollment Capacity: Hybrid (Zoom) 20, In-Person 20


SS3 6001/6002 –Church Policy, Polity and Administration from a Black Perspective  

This seminar focuses on the organization and operation of the work of the church. Dealing with policy and polity. Increase understanding of church procedures so that clergy and laity may work together more harmoniously by revealing the distinct method of administration from a black church. Students will explore those methods, evaluate them in light of present day situations, and suggest a pattern for today. Students will learn sources of potential administrative pitfalls for the pastor and laity.

Target Group: Both Clergy and Laity

*TEXTBOOK: Massey, Floyd. Church Administration in the Black Perspective. Amazon, ThriftBooks and eBay

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Hopkins, Samuel M. Manual of Church Polity. Alibris, Amazon and ThriftBooks.

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Dr. William C. Morgan Enrollment Capacity: 25


This Sunday School Publishing Board Certificate Program is designed to offer students who have completed the Certificate of Progress Program (COPP) an opportunity to continue their study at a more challenging level. After completion of the required seven (7) classes, students are awarded a certificate.

Prerequisite: The Congress Dean assigned a Dean of Records, Dean Kathy Morgan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), to assist and shepherd students through the program. For a student to enroll in this program, the Dean of Records must sign Form 17 Admission Application for Specialization. An additional $25 application fee is required for enrollment. 

SP008–Ministering to the Whole Church Christian Education Certificate

This course is designed for Christian educators and directors of Christian education who aspire to lead the church in Christian discipleship. Students will see the importance for enlisting every church member and every church department in the Christian education effort.

*TEXTBOOK: Tye, Karen. Christian Education in the Small Membership Church. Christianbook, Alibris and Thriftbooks

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Clark, Robert & Johnson, Lin, Allyn Sloat. Christian Education 

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. Dr. Robert Dickerson Jr.                     Enrollment Capacity: 25


SP0013–Evangelism and Christian Education Christian Education Certificate

This course leads the Christian educator to understand the mission of evangelism. Students will engage in evangelistic instructions designed to lead others to seek and win the lost. Students will also participate in role play opportunities and be given an opportunity to put into practice what is being taught by going out to the streets during class time to witness. Students are advised to dress comfortably.

>TEXTBOOK: Blazier, Kenneth & Isham, Linda R. The Teaching Church at Work. Alibris, Amazon and ThriftBooks.

ALTERNATE TEXTBOOK: Collier, Jarvis. Whatever happened to Christian Education?

INSTRUCTOR: Rev. James Davis Enrollment Capacity: 25


Rev. Dr. James Louis Bumpus, Coordinator

Lecture, Panel Discussion & Inspirational Message Seminar Series


 Ministers Seminar Sessions


MONDAY, JULY 8, 2024

10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Morning Lecturer – Rev. Anthony Chavers, Macedonia Baptist Church

Morning Preacher – Rev. Al Keith Milton, Midway Baptist Church


2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Afternoon Seminar Leader – Rev. Dr. John Coar, Minister of Christian Education, Good Shepherd Baptist Church 

What's That Noise? A Millennial Perspective of the Black Church. This seminar is based on a section of When Wait Your Turn Means No Turn at All (Westbow Press, 2023), a book that highlights the need for intergenerational appreciation across Black life. The seminar will focus on Ezra 3:12-13 as a parallel to the Black Church and will explore the Church’s primacy in Black life. If you are a younger minister excited about what’s to come or a seasoned minister concerned about the future of the church, this seminar will provide you with the tools to speak forward and backward to ensure all Black generations feel included.




8:00 – 10:00 a.m. 

Morning Lecturer – Rev. Alexander Gibson, Lundy Chapel Baptist Church

Morning Preacher – Rev. E. W. Norman   


2:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Afternoon Seminar Leader – Deacon Keith Mitchell, Congress Dean

GMBC Congress of Christian Education Development Seminar. This seminar focuses on the educational, organizational and administrative development process for certified congresses across the state of Georgia.




8:00 – 10:00 a.m. 

Morning Lecturer – Rev. Dr. Eddie Collier, Countyline Baptist Church

Morning Preacher – Rev. Dr. Ananias Hopkins, St. Marys Baptist Church



2:00 – 3:45 p.m. 

Afternoon Seminar Leader – Rev. Dr. Richard C. Flippin, Piney Grove Baptist Church

Master Class on Leading and Developing Leaders in the Black Church. Based on principles shared in Being Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs, this seminar focuses on practical methods for doing ministry in the 21st Century as the Church seeks new techniques to embrace believers, develop disciples and empower leaders. Attendees will experience personal interaction and engage with content to equip them with fresh ministry methods.  



8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Morning Lecturer – Rev. Dr. Rodney Turner, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church 

Morning Preacher – Rev. Dr. James Louis Bumpus, New Fellowship Baptist Church



Ministers’ Wives Seminar Sessions


MONDAY, JULY 8, 2024

10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 

Morning Seminar Leader – Sis. Arnethia Day, Friendship Baptist Church

Healthy Body Mind and Spirit A healthy life balance Part 1. Participants will discuss their experiences of being both physically and mentally fit as a part of their maturing and growing in ministry and what works.


2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Afternoon Seminar Leader – Sis. Jackie Flakes, 4th Street Baptist Church

The Minister’s Wife and Christian Ethics. Participants will look at what are those lines that governed the behavior of church disciples and how in their role they are effective in setting positive examples. Participants will be challenged to recognize immoral trends, fads, and behavior.



8:00 – 10:00 a.m. 

Morning Seminar Leader – Sis. Arnethia Day, Friendship Baptist Church

Healthy Body Mind and Spirit A healthy life balance Part 2. As a follow up to day 1 discussion, participants will discuss their experiences of being both physically and mentally fit as a part of their maturing and growing in ministry and what works.






2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Afternoon Seminar Leader – Sis. Leisha Crocker, Metropolitan Baptist Church

The Minister’s Wife’s Cross – Being a Role Model for Other Women. Participants will discuss lessons learned in the role of ministers’ wives and how those lessons translate into becoming a more matured woman of God, being the wife of a minister and having a positive influence with members.


8:00 – 10:00 a.m. 

Morning Seminar Leaders – Sis. Crystal Lawrence, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, and Sis. Jackie Flakes, 4th Street Baptist Church


Who Are You? Woman? Wife? Believer? Participants will discuss the significance of having a strong Christ centered foundation in defining your value.


2:00 – 4:00 p.m. 

Afternoon Seminar Leader – Rev. Benjamin E.V. Lett, Hill Chapel Baptist Church 

Panelists – Sis. Arnethia Day, Sis. Jackie Flakes, Sis. Leisha Crocker, Sis. Crystal Lawrence

Your Husband, the Church and the Family Working Together. Participants will look at methods that deal with discipline, roles of members, relationships, family responsibilities, working together to achieve goals, and family priorities.




8:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Morning Seminar Leader – TBD

Overcoming Intergenerational Conflict. Participants will address several of the rising challenges churches are facing to provide ministry opportunities to the various generations within their church.



Ministers/ Ministers’ Wives Joint Panel Discussions


MONDAY, JULY 8, 2024

4:15 – 5:15 p.m. 

Ministers & Ministers Wives Roundtable: How Hard is Serving and Leading the Flock?

  • Panel Moderators – Rev. Dr. Stephen Summerow, Greater Friendship Baptist Church, and Sis. Arnethia Day, Friendship Baptist
  • Panelists to be selected during the session.




4:15 – 5:15 p.m 

Ministers & Ministers Wives Roundtable Panel Discussion: The Joy and Pain of Ministry Serving as a Team

  • ModeratorsRev. Patrick Toney, Holly Springs Baptist Church, and Sis. Jackie Flakes, Fourth Street Baptist Church
  • Panelists to be selected at the session.

Participants will engage in discussions on the ups and downs associated with ministry and the ways of overcoming them.



Rev. Ronnie Brinson, Coordinator


9016 – Organizing and Administration of Church Music Ministries 

This course will enable the student in developing a Christological approach to building a comprehensive and organized music ministry that will promote Christian ethics and ministry growth regardless of church size or budget. Students will be challenged and engage in discussions that will promote applicable biblical principles concerning the music ministry and its role within the ministry of the church.

Target Group: Church Music Directors, Choir Directors and Musicians



Lesson Theme:  Diary of a Wimpy Godly Kid

The purpose of this instruction is to have children learn about a child after God's own heart.

Children will go through a study of the early life of David and learn that they don't have to be perfect to be godly. They must have a heart that seeks after God.

MEMORY VERSE:  "He will bless those who fear the Lord— small and great alike." Psalm 115:13 NIV


  • Make It Stick! Summary Sheet – so each church will know what children are learning each day.
  • Memory Verse – to make sure children are getting Scripture in their minds and hearts every day.
  • Craft Activity – to give children a physical reminder of the Bible lesson.
  • Game – to help keep children engaged.

*All children and youth will attend classes based on the grade beginning the 2024/2025 school year.


  1. A. Godly Kid, Godly Plans – Sometimes we feel like we aren't strong enough or smart enough or important enough to do anything great. But God has big plans for children who seek after his heart.   1 Samuel 16:1-13. Samuel Anoints David.
  2. B. Godly Kid, Godly Service – Sometimes we feel like the things we do for others aren't really that important. But God takes great delight in the service of children who seek after his heart.
    1 Samuel 16:14-23. David Enters the King's Service.
  3. C. Godly Kid, Godly Victory – Sometimes we feel like we are too weak to make it through the hard times of life. But God gives amazing victories to children who seek after His heart.
    1 Samuel 17. David Defeats Goliath.
  4. D. Godly Kid, Godly Heart – Sometimes we are scared and would rather pay back evil with evil. But God gives grace and compassion to children who seek after His heart.
    1 Samuel 24. David Spares Saul's Life.

CURRICULUM: Children’s Ministry – Diary of a Godly Kid

Instructors: Sis. Yolanda Giles and Sis. Homerzelle Gentry. Class A 

(K to 1st graders – 2 classes) Enrollment Capacity: 25 

Instructors: Sis. Judy Rawls and Sis. Dorcas Ford-Jones. Class B 

(2nd to 3rd graders – 2 classes) Enrollment Capacity: 25

Instructors: Sis. Tamara Ross and Dr. Royal Baxter. Class C 

(4th to 5th graders – 2 classes) Enrollment Capacity: 25 


Theme: Journey of Discovery – Being Seen and Heard

Learning to embody and embrace who God created me to be while motivating change in others and examining what it means to be a young Christian in today’s society. 


Young People for Jesus (#“YPJ”)

“I’m down with GOD. Examining what it looks like in today’s society being YPJ. Reach One, Teach One. Learning to navigate faith and life on the level of our youth. 

Instructor: Pastor Quinton Steverson Class A 6th – 8th graders Enrollment Capacity: 25

Instructor: Min. Sean Brewton Class B 9th – 12th graders  Enrollment Capacity: 25 


Adulting 101: Adulting is Crazy!

18 – 24 years old

This course will focus on equipping young adults with necessary tools to navigate the complexities of adulthood.

Instructors: Sis. Jaylyn Dickerson and Bro. Cameron Williams    



8015 The Work of the Youth Director and Leaders 

This class is designed for chaperones only. Chaperones who accompany children and youth to the Congress of Christian Education should enroll in this course.

GMBC of Georgia Forum: This forum provides information and feedback that can go toward informing the parent body.