Job Openings



Opening Date: December 21, 2is020

Closing Date: January 20, 2021

The membership of COLBERT GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH is seeking qualified Candidates for the Senior Pastor position; and greets you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We are a small, but Bible-based church (within a rural community); prayerfully seeking the God-sent individual who wishes to provide good leadership and apply great administration skills to the task of shepherding those who fear God and love the Lord. As such, the pastor must desire to help grow the congregation; apply a comprehensive understanding of the Bible; be a family-oriented individual; and utilize knowledge of the Baptist doctrine – while demonstrating strong characteristics of a peacemaker, grounded in teaching abilities, with a history of truthful, upright, and sober demeanor – necessary to lead God’s children.

RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to:

• Plan, prepare and deliver sermons for worship services; and lead lessons in Bible study and Sunday School.
• Demonstrate a teaching & leadership study that fosters spiritual growth and Christian maturity.
• Motivate & encourage the “seasoned saints & babes in Christ” to appreciate and engage in continuing Christian education.
• Take charge of the care, morale welfare and other needs of the congregation.
• Serve as ex-officio Member of all Boards, Auxiliaries, and appointed committees of the Church; and preside over Church Business meetings (except when prudent to designate another official).
• Work closely with church leadership, trustees, and Finance committee to manage the Church operations & vital resources; insuring efficiency & effectiveness.
• Support and participate in the activities & programs of the local (NWBA#1) Northwestern Baptist Association, General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia (GMBC) and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. [to the extent possible].
The Successful Candidate must meet the following QUALIFICATIONS:

1. Be a licensed and ordained Minister, in accordance with the Baptist Doctrines and Articles of Faith; having received the divine calling of God, and personally committed to the Call.
2. Able to show evidence of “Effective Communication” skills; and a demonstrated ability to prepare and deliver sound, biblical- based sermons, lessons, and counseling.
3. Provide a written record of related community and/or previous church leadership successes.
4. Submit a recent/color photo (head & shoulders * and/or full-length).
5. Preferred evidence of Seminary training or a bachelor’s degree in education, biblical studies, counseling, or psychology.
6. Evidence of a “minimum” three (3) years of Pastoral experience or five (5) years of service as an Assistant or Associate Pastor.
7. Provide copy of a recently recorded video-presentation of a sermon/Biblical teaching session > delivered virtually or in person; [a DVD or online video link will suffice].

Please Submit Resume Packet by mail, to:

Colbert Grove Baptist Church
C/o Pastor’s Search Team Chair
P.O. Box #40
Colbert, Georgia 30628

RESUME PACKET must include:

• Three (3) Letters of Recommendation [Character reference]; w/1 from Clergy, a 2nd from a Layperson, 3rd from a personal contact /non-relative.
• Personalized Letter of Interest; include complete Biographical Sketch.
• Copy of Ministerial license.
• Certificate of Ordination (copy).


“… How shall they hear without a preacher … And how shall they preach, except they be sent? [Romans 10: 14,15] So then, Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” [v. 7] //.

NOTE: FINAL CANDIDATES may be requested to provide additional information, pursuant to a Background Investigation. The DEADLINE for submission of the Resume Packet is JANUARY 20, 2021.