Job Openings

White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church

A. Principal Function:
The Minister of Worship is responsible for providing spiritual direction and leadership in connection with the planning, coordination, execution, and evaluation of all music ministries at White Oak Spring Baptist Church. The Minister of Worship should be gifted vocally and instrumentally with a passion to lead others into the presence of God. The Minister of Worship is comfortable with both traditional and contemporary worship genres and views this role as ministry and not performance.

B. Supervisory Relation:
1. She (He) is directly responsible to the Senior Pastor and Chairperson of the Deacon Ministry. The Minister of Worship will also receive an annual performance appraisal from the Personnel Ministry in accordance with provisions of the Policy and Procedure Manual as authorized by the Church Bylaws. The performance appraisal may be based in part on observation, and choir and congregation feedback for effectiveness of the minister-of-music functions.
2. Except for illness or an unanticipated emergency, notify appropriate supervisor as to anticipated absences at least 30-days in advance of the date of the anticipated absence. Provide for replacement to carry-on duties and responsibilities during absence.
3. Submit written notice of relinquishing position to appropriate supervisor at least 30-days prior to the date of the scheduled departure.
4. The Minister of Worship is protected under the guidelines of the Church Constitution and Bylaws.
5. The Minister of Worship shall have a salary review annually or sooner by request from the Personnel Ministry, Church Council, or the employee.

C. Job Classification:
This position is non-exempt (hourly) and part-time, not to exceed twenty (20) hours per week, unless approved in advance. The agreement of employment may be terminated by either the church or employee if either party fails to uphold the terms of employment.

D. Qualifications:
1. Baptized Christian that life reflects the Gospel.
2. Accomplished musician, preferably keyboard or organ.
3. Read music or play by ear and able to teach the choirs/praise team all of the voice parts.
4. Prioritize, schedule, and meet deadlines.
5. Interact well with others including, but not limited to, the Senior Pastor, other musicians, and all choirs.
6. Demonstrate flexibility in music styles.
7. Dependable in attendance and participation in planned church meetings.

E. Duties and Responsibilities:
1. General:
a. Assist with selecting of worship selections for services; as applicable;
b. Serve as lead church musician and schedule replacement musicians in her/his absence. Thirty (30) days advance notice of absence required, except for illness or emergency;
c. Supervise other paid and non-paid musicians;
d. Manage the music budget within the guidelines and amounts adopted;
e. Plan and direct an annual adult choir retreat in cooperation with the adult choirs and amounts adopted;
f. Foster relationships with those outside of music programs to promote unit unity of all ministries;
g. Attend staff meetings and participate in the planning and implementation of church services and programs;
h. Be aware of church related events such as weddings and funerals, to give counsel and arrange for music in cooperation with appropriate individuals or groups;
i. Be responsible for any musical equipment or materials used outside of the church
j. Supervise and maintain the music library;
k. Coordinate the music ministry with the church Calendar-of-Events;
l. Coordinate guest events in the Music Ministry such as special renditions or concerts;
m. Work with choir presidents to enlist, train, and equip choir members;
n. Encourage and provide music educational opportunities which may include classes, selected instruction, and coaching for choir/congregation members who express the desire to participate;
2. Weekly:
a. Communicate with the Senior Pastor and Chairperson, Deacon Ministry, by Thursday regarding worship themes, staffing, and upcoming events;
b. With the assistance of choir presidents, plan and direct weekly choir involvement in worship services;
c. Administrate all choirs to ensure that the choirs have the appropriate music and adequate preparatory rehearsals;
d. Schedule any special musical groups that may minister at White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church;
e. Communicate and provide all music, as applicable, to musicians in time to allow quality practice with choirs.
3. Monthly:
Complete and submit to the Senior Pastor and Chairperson, Deacon Ministry, activity reports documenting duties performed and hours worked.
4. Annual:
a. Coordinate with choir leaders to schedule and perform cantatas for Christmas and Easter;
b. Plan and lead music for spring revival services.
c. Develop and Develop and submit budgetary needs in accordance with
Finance Ministry guidelines

F. Privileges Afford the Minister of Worship:
1. The initial wage and benefits shall be agreed upon at the time of her/his call. The position of Minister of Worship shall be regarded by the church to be a part-time position. The amount of time spent on the job should not fall below __________ hours per week.
2. Unless otherwise specified, the wage shall be paid on a monthly basis at an amount approved by the church.
3. The Minister of Worship shall be provided with a performance appraisal within six (6) months of her/his initial employment as outlined in B.(1) above; thereafter, annual appraisals will occur on or near the anniversary date of his/her initial employment. Performance appraisals will include monthly monitoring of activity reports.
4. At least annually, the Minister of Music will be invited by the Personnel Ministry to share her/his concerns candidly, confidentially, and without embarrassment. The Personnel Ministry will give due consideration to those concerns as guided by the Senior Pastor and Chairperson, Deacon Ministry.
5. The Minister of Worship is protected under the guidelines of the Church Constitution and Bylaws as related to dismissal, criticism, and performance appraisal. NOTHING FOLLOWS


Interested parties should submit their resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. attention: Church Business Administrator. Please include a cover letter with salary requirements along with complete contact information.