Young People's Department

Welcome to the web page for the Youth Ministries of the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia.

Mission Statement / Purpose

The mission of the Young People's Department is to provide the necessary resources to develop mission-minded young people's and youth leaders to empower society through mission, evangelism and education, enabling them to fulfill the Great Commission as mandated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and discipleship.

Its purpose is to challenge Young People's to engage in Christian Service in the church, in the community, or in a larger mission at home or abroad. By early enlistment and training in systematic Bible study, daily prayer, progressive mission study, and definite personal service; children, young people, and young adults will show forth the beauty and strength of well-directed, clean useful lives. They will be growing as Jesus grew - in stature, in wisdom, in service and favor with God and mankind.


GMBC District Young People's Directors

Sis. Dorcas Ford Jones, Director
Sis. Kebreal Rivers, Assistant Director




District   1   Sis. Agnes McNeal
District   2   Bro. Timothy Robinson
District   3   Sis. Terrelyn D. Wade
District   4   Dr. Cleo Griswould
District   5   Rev & Mrs.Donel Heflin
District   6   Sis. Saundra Carter
District   7   Rev. Carlos Calhoun
District   8   Sis. Judy Ann Davis
District   9   Sis. Peggy Berryman
District 10   Dr. Greg Rhodes
District 11   Rev. Ronnie Brinson
District 12   Rev. Ryan Wells


There are two curriculum's in place for the Young People's Department available for our youth leaders beginning in 2012 to receive certification.
Call Baptist Headquarters (404) 688-4212 for contact information.