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148th GMBC
Annual Session

NOV 12—15, 2018

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October 6, 2018

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Deaconess Conference
August 30—September 1, 2018
Good Shepherd Baptist, Augusta, GA



Sis. Margaret R. Whaley

Vice President

Sis. Deborah Mack

Northern Region Vice President                                     Eastern Region Vice President

Sis. Gwendolyn West                                                                    Sis. Gwendolyn Tucker

Southern Region Vice President                                    Western Region Vice President

Sis. Mary Coleman                                                                                 Sis. Peggy Moore



District Presidents

1st      Sis. Emma J. Conyers

2nd     Sis. Bobbie Marcus

3rd     Sis. Vivian Bateman

4th     Sis. Betty J. McBride

5th     Sis. Emma Gowans

6th      Sis. Geraldine Dumas

7th      Sis. Doris Callahan Jones

8th      Sis. Elzata Brown

9th      Sis. Mona-Leisa Banks

10th    Sis. Carrie Wilkerson

11th    Sis. Connie Lott

12th    Sis. Helen Matchett

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