Moderator/Ministers Division

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Moderator/Ministers Division to bring glory to God by loving Him and others through:

Fellowship with God’s people through membership and commitment to each other.
Adoring our savior and God through public worship and praise.
Involving God’s people in serving Him and others by:
Training and equipping them through preaching, teaching, and discipleship; so that we might be:
Harvesting souls for God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Rev. Ananias Hopkins
Assistant Coordinator
Rev. Stanford Anderson

Moderators/Ministers Department Officers

Rev. Stanford Anderson, Administrative Coordinator
Rev. Matthew Watkins, General Secretary
Rev. Alfred Cason, Treasurer
Rev. John R. Fields, Jr., Devotional Leader
Sis. Sherry Camp, Registrar
Rev. Reginald A. Hunter, Advisor
Rev. Dante Smith, Outreach Coordinator

District Moderators/Ministers Coordinators

1st District Coordinator Rev. Hermon Scott
2nd District Coordinator Rev. Eddie Jackson
3rd District Coordinator Rev. Willie Ross/Rev. David Hamm
4th District Coordinator Rev. Dr. Johnnie R. Flakes, III
5th District Coordinator TBD
6th District Coordinator TBD
7th District Coordinator Rev. Donald L. White
8th District Coordinator Rev. Dr. James Washington
9th District Coordinator Rev. Tommy Randolph
10th District Coordinator Rev. Moses Anderson
11th District Coordinator Rev. Dexter Taylor
12th District Coordinator Rev. Earl Smith