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GMBC Congress of Christian Education

Completed Applications Due To District President By May 31, 2019

Winners Notified During Annual GMBC,
Inc. Congress of Education Youth &
Young Adult Convention
in Columbus, GA

Scholarship Application

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Moderator/Ministers Division to bring glory to God by loving Him and others through:

Fellowship with God’s people through membership and commitment to each other.
Adoring our savior and God through public worship and praise.
Involving God’s people in serving Him and others by:
Training and equipping them through preaching, teaching, and discipleship; so that we might be:
Harvesting souls for God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Moderator/Ministers Division Coordinator

Rev. Anthony Q Corbett, Sr., Coordinator
Rev. Michael Dickson, Vice Coordinator
Rev. John E. Fields, Jr., Devotion Leader
Sis. Sherry Camp, Registrar