Purpose/Mission Statement

The purpose of the Laymen’s Auxiliary is to assist the districts, associations, and churches in the fulfillment of the Great Commission by seeking to involve men and boys through education and involvement, so that everyone will have an opportunity to know Jesus. To become a disciple making ministry by developing an atmosphere in which men and boys will become aware of and respond to God’s call for salvation and service. We desire to help every believer become a disciple and encourage them to help reach the lost and strengthen the family by helping raise Godly men.

We will enlist un-Churched men for fellowship in and service through the church; enlist men for effective performance of essential Christian activities; cultivate the Christian life of men through study, worship, fellowship, and service; and inspire men to support the total program of the Church in the local congregation, the community, the denomination and the world.

For monthly, quarterly, and annual meeting, please refer to the annual calendar of events or contact Laymen officers; call Baptist Headquarters (404) 688-4212 for contact information.

State Laymen Leadership

Dea. Robert E. Owens | Rome, GA

Vice President at Large
Dea. Gregory Lattany | Brunswick, GA

Southern Region Vice President
Dea. Leo Moore, Jr. | Brunswick, GA
Northern Region Vice President
Dea. Sam Fowler | College Park, GA

Eastern Region Vice President
Dea. Lawrence Wright | Wrightsville, GA

Western Region Vice President
Dea. James L. Bryant | Americus, GA

Assistant Secretary
Dea. Robert Wright | Snellville, GA

Finance Chairman
Dea. Jimmie Bacon | Thomasville, GA

Assistant Finance Chairman

Dea. Robert L. Wright 

Special Assistant to President- (Evangelism)
Dea. Johnny D. Armstrong | Albany, GA

Special Assistant to President – (Materials Promotion)
Dea. Alphonso Cecil | Waycross, GA

Communications Assistant
Dea. Marshall Rainge | Hinesville, GA

Conference Coordinator, Southern Region
Dea. Marshall Rainge | Hinesville, GA
Conference Coordinator, Northern Region
Dea. Bobby Lester | College Park, GA
Conference Coordinator, Eastern Region
Dea. Kigwana Cherry | Augusta, GA

Conference Coordinator, Western Region
Dea. Keith Mitchell | Coumbus, GA

District Laymen Presidents

First District
Dea. Lamar Tillman

Second District
Dea. Horace Taylor

Third District
Dea. Charles W. Crimes

Fourth District
Dea. Gregory Harris

Fifth District
Dea. Jimmie Gowan

Sixth District
Dea. Jerome Braziel

Seventh District
Dea. Jamison K. Smallwood

Eighth District
Dea. Robert L. Wright

Ninth District
Dea. TiJuan Johnson

Tenth District
Dea. William Cherry Jr.
Eleventh District
Dea. Melvin Houston

Twelfth District
Dea. Louis Washington