District Presidents

General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. Congress of Christian Education 
Reverend Benjamin E.V. Lett, Congress President 

Scholarship Program 2019 


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Timeline Tasks for 2019 Scholarship Applications 

Note: Regional Vice Presidents and District Presidents are asked to distribute copies of the applications to Moderators, Pastors, and Youth Leaders. 

Completed applications due to District President: May 31, 2019 

Local District Committees select one application to forward to the Regional Vice President. NOTE: Districts should submit one (1) application only! Only one applicant will be accepted from each district. Submission of more than one application will disqualify all applications! 

Applications due to Regional Vice President: June 28, 2019. 

Regional Vice President or designated Regional Committee selects one (1) application to forward to State Congress President to be received by: July 17, 2019. 

Education and Youth and Young Adult Convention in Columbus, GA. 

Guidelines for Completing GMBC, Inc. Congress of Christian Education Scholarship Application 

Please check http://www.gmbcofgeorgia.org website for availability of application. 

A. All interested individuals must complete an application and submit the application packet to the District President on or before the prescribed deadline set by the GMBC Scholarship Committee (June May 31, 2019). 

B. All applications must include an official high school or college transcript. An affidavit with the applicant’s GPA will be acceptable.  

C. Applicants must submit three (3) letters of recommendation. 

1. One letter of recommendation must be from the local pastor or moderator. 

2. One letter of recommendation must be from the Youth Director, Sunday School Superintendent or person within the church or association leadership, who knows the spiritual stewardship of the applicant. 

3. One letter of recommendation must be from a teacher, guidance counselor, principal, supervisor of volunteer activity, etc. 

NOTE: Letters of recommendation cannot be from a relative. If the applicant’s parent is the pastor of the local church, moderator of the association, youth leader, etc. a statement to that effect and a letter from another church or association leader should be submitted. 

D. The applicant must type or computer scan all applications. No written applications will be accepted. 

E. Incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation.  

F. The application must be completed fully. This includes complete addresses and zip codes. If a particular portion of the application does not apply to the applicant, N/A should be written in the blank. 

G. On the sheet listing the church and community related activities, please be specific with names of activities, dates, and places. 

H. Applications must be postmarked or delivered no later than midnight of the deadline indicated. 

I. On the application, indicate the total number of individuals supported by parents or guardians, Including applicant. 

J. On the application, indicate the total number of individuals supported by the applicant and/or spouse, if applicable. 

K. On the application, provide the total income of the entire household (parents, guardians, spouse and/or applicant). 


Applicant may be a high school senior or presently attending college, vocational school, or seminary as a full-time student. Applicants must meet all of the requirements to meet eligibility requirements. 

The scholarship applicant: 

A. Must be a member in good standing of a church or association that is currently registered with the GMBC, Inc. and the Congress of Christian Education. 

B. Must be a high school graduate in the year of application or currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate college/university, vocational, or seminary program. 

C. Must use funds for undergraduate studies. 

D. Must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0. 

E. Must present verification of full-time status or acceptance as a full-time student.  

F. Must have attended Christian Education classes (Sunday School and/or Bible Study) in the local church and association. 

G. Must participate in the overall life of the church and association. 

H. Must participate in a community activity. 


A. The committee will evaluate each applicant based on a set of criteria adopted by the committee. Designated points are given for educational background, church or association participation, economic need, community participation, and completeness of application. 

B. The information reported on the application is verified to be true.  

C. One finalist will be selected from each district. 

D. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student from each of the four regions in the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. Additionally, a fifth scholarship will be awarded to a student selected by President Benjamin E.V. Lett. The names of the scholarship recipients will be announced during the annual GMBC, Inc. Congress of Christian Education and Youth and Young Adult Convention in July 2018 

E. Letters of recommendation must be included with the scholarship application.  

F. All applications must be typed or computer scanned. Faxes will not be accepted.