Foreign Mission, Tapio, Haiti Funding Needs Your Financial Support
Donations can be made by mailing to Baptist Headquarters or Givelify (online-see above)

All Monetary Donations Checks, Money Orders"must" be made payable to GMBC and send to:

GMBC Baptist Headquarters
Attn: Foreign Mission
P. O. Box 92340
Atlanta, GA 30314
Many thanks to everyone for your immediate attention to help those in need.


The CARES Bill just passed Congress and is making its way to the President to be signed. The money will be available to churches almost immediately. However, the funds are limited to a first-come, first-served basis. Approximately $350 Billion is allotted for this program.

The CARES Bill (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) is designed to help our nation's businesses and non-profit organizations survive the pandemic.
The critical parts of the Bill for churches to understand are this:

1. No collateral needed for the loan.
2. No tax returns or other significant documentation is needed.
3. The money will be available in as little as seven days.
4. No personal guarantees are needed. (Your credit and the church's credit do not matter)
5. There are no payments until 2021.
6. The interest rate is fixed for ten years and will be about 3.5%
7.100% of the loan is forgivable. Important details apply.

To apply for the loan, learn about how 100% of the loan is forgivable, and how much your church qualifies for by entering your email address, we will send you a report along with a form to help you calculate the maximum loan amount.


You can go to your local bank that works with Small Business Loans (SBA Loans), they should be able to 
fill out the necessary paperwork for you at no cost.