Bryant Seminary

Bryant Seminary


Employment Opportunities

Bryant Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator will recruit faculty and students for the Bryant Theological Seminary online and Macon site certificate and degree programs ensuring that the goals and objectives of the institution are accomplished. The Program Coordinator will serve as the liaison between the Board of Trustees, the faculty, the students, and the community in order to promote institutional objectives.
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Bryant Faculty Application

The Bryant Theological Seminary seeks faculty who demonstrate a clear understanding and commitment to the Holy Bible, a commitment to the mission of BTS, superior knowledge in their discipline, dedication to the facilitation of learning, and effective communication.
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Bryant Seminary 
Course Survey

As we prepare for its opening, this first phase is one where we will conduct a mock registration to gauge interest and size classes. Also, this mock registration will allow us to plan for classroom size, space and location.

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Bryant Seminary Board of Trustees

Rev. Alfred Cason, Vice Chairperson – Lyons 
Rev. L.T. Crawford - Madison 
Rev. McKinley Drake - Albany 
Dr. Mary L. Hicks, Chairperson - Atlanta 
Rev. Ralph Huling - Columbus 
Mrs. Karen McKinney Holley, Secretary - Conley 
Dr.  Mary Stenson - Macon

Associate Degree Curriculum (One Year)

Year One (First Semester) Total Hours 15
Old Testament Survey = 3 Hours
English I = 3 Hours
Intro: Evangelism and Missions = 3 Hours
Theology Proper / Bible = 3 Hours
Finance and Budgeting = 3 Hours

Year One (Second Semester) Total Hours 15
New Testament Survey = 3 Hours
English II = 3 Hours
Church Accounting/Record Keeping = 3 Hours
Biblical Discipleship  = 3 Hours
Bible Study Methods   = 3 Hours